Achieve more powerful experiences with Genesys Cloud CX™, an all-in-one software solution with a fully cloud-based architecture, allowing you to unify customer engagement and employee management in a single ecosystem.

A 100% omnichannel cloud tool to connect and interact with your customers from anywhere and at any time.

Ideal for implementing a continuous improvement process that meets your needs in business communication, through a truly unified Digital Transformation experience.

Develop more meaningful and controlled experiences for your customers and employees.

By transforming administrative technology into a modern engine, Genesys Cloud allows you to manage proactive, predictive, and personalized experiences from the cloud across platforms like Adobe, Google, among others, deepening the connection with the customer at every moment, enhancing productivity, and employee engagement.

The best customer
experience from the cloud.

Manage all channels from one place and enhance communication with your customers.

An intuitive interface for use by your employees and/or collaborators.

Interactive AI journeys for employees and customers.

Business management and optimization insights at your fingertips and in real-time.

Have technological tools at your disposal
that will allow you to innovate constantly.

  • Integrate telephony, email, messaging, among other channels with multi-user, secure, and reliable architecture.
  • Cutting-edge technology that personalizes interaction, enhancing channel productivity.
  • Modern API that allows connecting all applications and solutions in one place.
  • Swift implementations in a matter of days, ensuring the timely operation of your systems.

The best platform
for the best companies.

Efficient Management Tools

Manage a training and support system to develop your business, increasing its profitability and revenue.

Multi-purpose Cloud Applications

Get a comprehensive view and control through the multi-user application.

Data actions

Customize an interactive voice service that connects with other web applications, creating an advanced communication channel.

Embeddable Framework

Schedule meaningful interactions with your customers, thanks to the software development kit.

One-Click Install Integrations

Easily implement new solutions through open APIs.

Service Automation

Drive your own Experience as a Service with AI technology, scheduling messages through a customized interface.


Unlock the full potential of:

Transform your contact center into a fast-implementing experience hub with easy management.




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